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Carmen Manual - Lymphatic Drainage

I have been treated over last nine months for lymphedema which I have had since a car accident in 1996. The treatment of Manual Lymphatic Drainage has made a huge difference to my condition and the lymph edema in my leg and hand has reduced tremendously. It is so hard to find a therapist who is trained in MLD.  Eve is an amazing therapist.


Brandon Asiatsu - Bar Therapy

I`ve heard about Eve from my friend. She was highly recommended. I am a big guy and I had a hard time to find someone who can give me a deep pressure massage without digging with elbows and hurting me. Eve is the perfect match for pressure and the same time relaxation. She was walking on my back and legs. It felt like someone has taken my worn old tired muscles and milked them back to life. All the movements were so smooth that I don’t even know when she was using hands or feet. She is a fantastic bodyworker.



I love Eve. She always customized different techniques for my sore body. Last time she used cups to knead my knots and her heels for my upper shoulders and back.  It was hurting so good! She also stretching my body because she knows I` m too lazy to do it on my own and makes me look taller!  After the massage I feel like a new person. I see her every 3 weeks to help with sore muscles and my busy lifestyle.



I feel much better since I`ve been coming to Eve for bodywork. I have been suffering from low back pain since I was 25. I wake up with pain every morning. The doctors all said I have to use pain medication or recommended surgery. When I met Eve I felt like somebody finally could understand my pain. After massage with you, I really feel like a change as taken place. Eve always telling me to do yoga and stretch but I`m not ready for that step yet. Eve I can`t thank you enough!!!!


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